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Your Child Needs You At Every Age

As a parent of two girls with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder,

I know how challenging it is for your child and the whole family.

You are all not alone.

Parenting begins in your heart, and then continues on a moment-to-moment basis by engaging your children when feelings run high, when they are sad, angry or scared.

The heart of parenting is being there in a particular way when it really counts.

Your Family is Unique and Connection is Priceless.

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Can’t I Discipline Without The Chaos?

How many times have you asked yourself a similar question "Can't I discipline without the chaos?"  "Can't I be a more effective parent?" "I swore I would never parent like I was!" You want the bad behaviour to stop, but you want to respond in a way that values and enhances your relationship with your children.  You want to build your … Read More

Why Can’t My Family Be Just Like Theirs?

Why can't my family be just like theirs?  This is a common question that families ask themselves from time to time.  When each day is based on problems after problems and meltdowns after meltdowns, you do look around you and think why can't my family be just like theirs? Social media is also adding more self judgement then ever before.  All you … Read More

When You Are Feeling Depressed

When you are feeling depressed it is imperative that you speak up and seek help.  In the media, there has been reports of a murder/suicide of a family who have two children with severe autism.  I am not going to go into this story because at the end of the day the children were murdered.  Just because they have Autism does not make the action any … Read More

Are You Feeling Deprived?

                  Are you feeling deprived? When I have session with a client I ask them "Are you feeling deprived"?  It makes everyone think and they usually say yes. Typical answers that clients share are: Sleep Emotional support Time to myself Physical … Read More

Who is an Explosive Child?

Who is an explosive child?  Explosive is a descriptive term for children who become frustrated far more easily and more often and communicate their frustrations in ways that are far more extreme than ordinary children.   However a simple label does not begin to capture the upheaval, turmoil, trauma that outbursts cause.  These outbursts … Read More

Don’t Label Your Child Just Let Them Survive

Don't label your child just let them survive!  How ridiculous is that!!!!!!!!!!!! Just writing that made me tear up. Today I saw this on a friend's Facebook page the following picture and thought I might look at the comments.  I knew I was setting myself up for some angry feelings. There were individuals who suggested that we all should stop … Read More

For Teachers Who Do Not Believe In Autism

It breaks my heart when I hear parent's say that their child's teacher does not believe in Autism.  This article is for teachers who do not believe in Autism because they have failed to learn something about something they do not know. What made you want to become a teacher in the first place? You have spent numerous years studying to be a … Read More


"Rebecca has helped me so much with my journey through parenthood by making me think sit back & think about other ways of dealing with my boys, she has calmed me down when my boys are driving me crazy & most important she has made me realize I can deal with my boys when I feel like I can't go on. "

- Trina

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