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A Win Against Anxiety


We had a win against Emma’s anxiety.  At school the preps are doing swimming lessons.  One of her friends was a bit excited and pushed Emma’s head under the water.  Emma already has had a near drowning experience and with her anxiety at mega level it understandably upset her.

I contacted her class teacher immediately of the problem as I was not happy that it was not stopped.  I also took the next day off work to get to swimming to support her.  I spoke with her teacher and we decided that I would come once she was in the water.

Sadly I got a call from the school saying Em was upset at the pool and as I walked in the door she was hysterical.  She simply was too scared to go into the pool.  So I managed to sit in the pool area.  Instead of trying to coax her into the water, I sat her on my knee and simply sat with her emotions.

She cried her eyes out and I massaged her from head to toe with a deep pressure massage and there we sat.  I wasn’t expecting anything at all and if we sat there to the end of the swim session then that was a win.  I talked about what the children were doing in the water and just sat there.  The she got off my knee and got undressed and I suggested about getting in with another group which had friends in there and she had fun for the last 5 minutes.

Today, I went to swimming and she went happily into the pool.

Sometimes we do not have to fix the problem and  just be comfortable with sitting with their emotions which is the first step.

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