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“We feel so elated we could float, so protective we could kill, and sometimes so frustrated we could explode.”

(Becoming Us: The Essential Relationship Guide for Parents By Elly Taylor)

Rebecca Ballingail

Hi! My name is Rebecca Ballingall and I am a family relationship coach who specialises in helping families with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and with Sensory Processing Disorder.

I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood and a Postgraduate Diploma in Disabilities Studies.  I worked in an Outside School Hours Care for 10 years before I had my children and it was during this time that I found my passion with helping children on the Autism Spectrum.  Alongside my staff team, we successfully integrated 3 students from severe to high functioning Autism into a mainstream Outside School Hours Care.  It did not matter what challenges were thrown our way and we went home with plenty of bite marks, there was never a time when we thought that they couldn’t be accepted into the program.  With this new passion, I completed a certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis and did one on one therapy with children.

I put my career on hold to have my first child who was extremely challenging and I was amazed I went back for our second.  However, by the 2-3 year old mark, I noticed little signals with our eldest daughter that she had some Autism traits but I was too scared to mention it to my husband.  I waited for him to notice a few little rituals that she had before I mentioned that I thought she could possibly be on the Spectrum.  She was diagnosed around the age of 4 with Autism.  We swapped and changed therapists as we navigated the various types of therapy and it wasn’t until we met our second Occupational Therapist, that when completing the forms for our eldest that I realised that our second daughter met more of the characteristics of Sensory Processing Disorder.  Our second daughter has a diagnosis of Severe Sensory Processing Disorder with Sensory Defensiveness as well as Autism.

I have made it my life mission to help families on the Autism Spectrum and Sensory Processing Disorder.  I completed a Certificate in Life Coaching as I was drawn to its focus on strength based and solution based assistance.  As a parent and a professional in the field, I soon became to realise that most of the focus is on the child rather than the family as a whole.   As a parent of children on the Spectrum, I can appreciate each families experiences and understand the world that you move in, as I too have experienced all the ups and downs, its joys and sorrows.

Each of my families brings with them their own uniqueness and by seeing the world through the child or adolescent’s eyes as well as from those of their parent’s, families open a door opens and a positive future is let in that benefits each person in the family.  We work together as a team and it is based on what needs and goals that you want to achieve.

Clients often tell me it is easier to talk to someone who has been on a similar journey.  I want families to know that you are not alone.