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Certainty Creates Power!

Definition of certainty:  State of being sure.

One of the basic human that everyone in the world needs is certainty.

Where does certainty come from?

The majority of our certainty comes from our beliefs.  Our beliefs are designed as a guiding force to tell us what will lead to pain and what will lead to pain and what will lead to pleasure.  Our brain asks two questions:

  1. Will this mean pain or pleasure?
  2. What must I do now to avoid pain and/or gain pleasure?

Our beliefs are driven by our generalisations about what we’ve learned could lead to pain and pleasure and this gives us our feelings of certainty.  Most people treat a belief as if it is a thing, when really all it is, is a sense of certainty.

The sense of certainty allows you to tap into resources that allow you to produce intelligent results.  Nevertheless our lack of beliefs, lack of certainty, causes us not to be able to use the capacity that resides within us.  If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain impossible.

For an individual with Autism, their lives are surrounded with certainty.  I know for my girls, we take them places we know that they feel comfortable and they also feel certain that they will be okay.  They participate in activities that they are certain of the outcome.  Individuals with autism like structure because they know what will happen.

Having a sense of certainty makes it easier to keep to goals.  If you know that eating healthy, exercising and sleeping will create a healthier life and it will bring pleasure to your life.  You will also will also link eating McDonalds to immense pain.

People take drugs, drink alcohol, gamble because they know how they will feel, even if it is a negative means.

But what happens when uncertainty comes along? Can you live your life just with certainty?  Find out next Thursday.