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Daddy “I Love You” Gift.

Daddy necklace Steve has to go away quite a bit at the moment for work and the girls really miss him (which is a good thing).  Steve bought each of us this little heart necklace so when he is away the girls can wear it to know that he loves them.

The Magic of I Love You

  • How many times in a day do you say “I Love You”?
  • Can you say “I love you” too much?
  • When you say “I love you” is it coming from the heart or are you simply just saying it because that is what you want people to hear?

love2  I am a person who says “I Love You” when I feel it in my heart and I could say it 10 times a day. I am also known for calling my husband and simply telling him that I love him and then I hang up.

I tell my girls all the time that I love them because no matter what happens I want them to always remember that I love them.  I do not remember hearing that a lot when growing up so I want to make sure that they know that I love them.

Sadly we do not know what our future holds and it can be gone in a second but I never want the people I love to doubt if I love them.

The Magic of Touch

Have you ever simply put your fingers in your child’s hand?                             Mother Holding Child's Hand

But have you totally focused all of your senses when you do this?

Have you stopped your thoughts, rushing around to simply take in the joy of this amazing sensation of truly feel every little bit of their hand. The cute little creases on their hand.  If their hand is warm or cold.  How is feels when their little fingers clasps your finger.  It is so amazing and can be an amazing feeling of developing a bond with your child.

I was pushing Emma in the pram through the supermarket today and I reached down and touched her face. I stopped thinking about the items I had to find but I just felt her soft cheek and felt her leaning her head in my head.  Through my body I had this warmth run through my veins.  I felt my chest grow bigger as my heart grew bigger with all the love.

It is an amazing feeling for parents to develop a bond with your child especially as you go through the transition.  But it does not matter how old they are as it is nice to redevelop that bond especially if you have had a challenging day.