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Are You Stressed?

Are you stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Feel like you are treading water.  This is a common feeling for most parents post Christmas.  In Australia we are on school holidays until the end of January and this could also be very trying.  It is also difficult for our children with ASD as they are out of routine.

I have found a really great way for all members of the family to reduce the physical and emotional stress that you might be feeling.  I have been diffusing Bergamot Essential Oil with Lavender Essential Oil on a daily basis and the stress levels in my house has noticeably dropped.  The girls are happily playing with each other (most of the time) and I feel noticeably a lot calmer and not loosing my patience with them.

I can not stress how powerful absolutely pure essential oils can be for everyone.  To having them diffusing in the house throughout the day is a benefit to all members of the family.  It can be daunting at the start but once you see some of the immediate effects that it can have on your entire family you will wonder why you had not tried it sooner.

I am also really aware how important it is to support families using essential oils and I make contact with all my clients on a weekly basis.

If you are feeling really stressed, I would encourage you to try these essential oils out for yourself and be amazed on how affective they can be.

I also encourage you to look at this website and find out about Bergamot and Lavender.  If you would like to know more give me a call on 0409 191 740 (for those in Australia) or email me on

My House Is Calm

I never thought my house would ever be calm!  There is no yelling!  There is no screaming from the girls!  It is just an amazing feeling.

I bet you think that it is not possible.  Neither would I if I read it.  I would think it was some kind of con just to get money.  But I truly promise you this is for real!

Did I put in a new routine?………………………………………..nope.

Do the girls have great therapy sessions?………………………………. well yes but that hasn’t stopped the screaming that occurs after school.

The major turn around has been using a wonderfully blend of absolutely pure, with no synthetics and toxins added, essential oil.  The grounding blend essential oil is made up of blue tansy, frankincense, ho wood and spruce all in one glass bottle.

This is what has calmed my house.  This has calmed the girls.  This has stopped me from yelling.

But why would you believe me?  All I can do is encourage you to try this essential oil.  I can understand that you may not want to spend a lot of money just to trial this oil.  So I am now producing sample bottles.  For people in Australia the cost for a sample is $10.00 which includes postage.  If you are overseas it will cost you a bit extra with the conversion.

If you want to get a sample email me at


Autism and Alternative Treatments

I am so excited to share with you how the lives of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Essential Oils may help them in their daily lives.  I was introduced by a friend and she was told about them from a client who uses these oils on her children with ASD.  I was sceptic about them but I thought why not.

We have been using the oils for a month now and although we saw improvements within the first week my eldest said to me today “mummy I have been happy all day”.  I do not put it down to anything that has happened as school holidays are tough with the change of routine and we have had a running around day.  I really do believe it is the oils.

I have been using Vetiver, Frankincense and a grounding blend on her in the morning. By the afternoon I would put some more of the grounding blend to help her recover from the day and then at night I use a soothing blend.  We are finding she is waking up better.  Meltdowns have reduced in intensity and occurrence and she is sleeping better and more often in her own bed.

My youngest is not a fan of the oils on her with her sensory processing disorder, so I have been diffusing the oils and found that she is calmer.

If you want some information clink on this link about essential oils that may be helpful.   If you want to email me with any questions, please do not hesitate on  If you want to talk about the oils feel free to call me on (061) 0409 191 740.