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What are the Six Basic Human Needs?

Have you ever asked yourself why do people do what they do?  For instance why does a person save someone’s life whilst another kills someone out of sheer pleasure?  Tony Robbin’s has developed through research that every individual world wild has 6 human basic needs.  These needs are not desires and wants.

These are psychological needs that we constantly work towards to satisfy on a mostly unconscious level of awareness.   The 6 human basic needs are the factors that influence your deepest motivations and effectively determine how you go about prioritising your decisions and actions throughout your life.

When these needs are met at a high level, you experience a great deal of happiness and fulfillment in your life. On the other hand, when these needs are not met at a high level, you will tend to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. However, because all this happens on an unconscious level of awareness, you probably don’t even realize why you’re feeling this way. Your life seems okay on the surface, however something is just not right. Nothing you do seems to make you happy, and life in general just seems as though it’s missing important elements that you can’t seem to identify.

So what are the 6 human basic needs?

Basic human Needs

In the above diagram you will see that the 6 human basic needs are:

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Love/connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

Let us see how this works in your daily life.  Say that you want to loose weight.  For you to successfully loose the desired weight loss, you need to meet the above needs.

  1. Certainty – by eating healthy, exercising and drinking water you would be pretty certain that you will loose weight.
  2. Uncertainty – is there some challenges in your exercise plan that will add some variety and challenge you?
  3. Significance – Are people telling you that they can see the changes and how hard you are working?
  4. Love/connection – do you love yourself for who you are?
  5. Growth – Are you developing as a person?  Are you learning about how you can be healthy forever.
  6. Contribution – are you participating in social activities at the gym?  Are you contributing to your exercise plan?

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at each of the needs closely and start to look at your life and how you can implement them.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed, Exhausted?


Believe me we all do, even me.  I have learnt the hard way that we simply can not keep digging ourselves further into a whole.

This is not some new year resolution.  This is something you need to do everyday.

Leading up to Christmas I was working lots of hours, preparing for Christmas and helping Emma with her anxiety.  It has been tough.

However, I vowed over the days after Christmas I was actually going to physically stop.  It was not as easy as thought it would be.  During the few days, I read two books, played on the piano, rode on the scooter with the girls and enjoyed just spending some much needed quiet time.

I know that doing something for yourself everyday would be an easy thing to do for a few days and it is very easy to fall back into old habits.  Nevertheless, I am begging you to do something for yourself every day.

Our children need a well parent.  Our relationships need happy family members.  It will be you that is going to suffer.  By not doing something everyday, your immune system will suffer and you will be setting your body up for cancer to grow.  That is not a lie, it is scientifically proven.


Benefits of Exercise Just After 5 Days

I have managed to complete 5 days of exercise.  I am doing high intensity trainings, teaching myself to run for 30 minutes and doing sit ups.  I just want you to make that you understand that YOU don’t have to do this type of training.  I know a person walking everyday and receiving the same benefits.  You need to enjoy the exercise that you want to participate in or you will simply not do it.

The benefits of exercise that I am finding after 5 days are:

  • I feel more focused
  • I am sleeping well
  • I am feeling more positive
  • I chased the girls throughout the play centre and loved it.  Usually I wouldn’t do it because of my weight but I did.
  • My self esteem and self belief in myself has improved.

I love the feeling after working out and even better stretching out at the end.  It is imperative you stretch after every workout to protect your body from injury.  When my muscles are occasionally sore, I rub a soothing rub to help warm up the muscles and it works a treat.  If I am feeling tired, I like to rub a bit of peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck for an invigorating feeling.

Postnatal Depression Has Taken Away My Identity!

We live surrounded by darkness for days, months and possible years.  There is very little joy.  We feel like robots simply doing the actions and not really enjoying life.  We go to our therapy appointments and we try our hardest to get well again.  We fight the urge to self harm, to scream, to run away on a daily basis and it is simply exhausting.

But one day we notice that there is more light than darkness and we commence on the road to recovery.  It is not like Dorothy skipping down the yellow brick road, we take cautious steps back into life and we realise that we are handling the challenges easier.

But we still feel lost.  We feel that PND/ depression / anxiety has robbed us of our self identity.  Who are we now?

We had this expectation of what we were going to be as mums and dads.  But this did not happen so who am I?

How do we go about reconnecting with ourselves?  How can we reconnect with anyone if we can not reconnect with ourselves.  I believe this is the first and important step for people on the road to recovery.

I have developed a 12 week program where together we will help you to not only reconnect with yourselves but also start a new chapter and transform your life like never before.  You might be thinking that is easier said than done.  You are right but you also may not have had 100% from someone who totally understand what it is like for you.  This program is all about you.  I have gone through this transformation in my own life and I am now at the stage where my drs are slowly reducing my medication.  I have already come off one and only have another two to go.  You can get there too by taking action and say to yourself this is what I want.

If you want to know more send my an email to and I promise we will tailor a program especially for you.