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Children Need To Understand Disappointment!

There has been some debate going on in Australia over a child crying on TV after not turning any chair on The Voice Kids.  Now I was watching the show when it was aired and thought the judges handled it extremely well.  However the was a lot of questions asked about Channel 9 decision to air that audition and child psychologists were against it.  Channel 9 and the family spoke about it before it was aired and the child agreed to have it aired.  However, I feel that children need to understand disappointment.

But what got me thinking was the fact that people were saying how bad it was for children to be put on the show etc etc etc.  Yes I did not like seeing the child break down on television and I wanted to give her a hug.  But what is wrong with a child crying because they are disappointed in not getting through to the next stage?  There is absolutely nothing wrong.  The sad thing is kids might tease her about crying on television but we can not shield children from the feeling of disappointment.

Being disappointed is just a feeling.  It is not good to feel at the time but it does go with the right support provided by role models.  Children feel disappointment when they don’t win a game, contest, get a good grade, not get that lolly when shopping etc etc etc.  It is up to us as parents to acknowledge the child’s feelings and provide a story of when we were disappointed and give them support.  The more strategies that we can teach children about how to handle disappointment will lead them to have a more successful life later on.  Those children will most likely not turn to alcohol, drugs etc to avoid the feeling of disappointment but learn from the experience and make them stronger.

What made me proud of this young lady was that she gathered her distress together and listened to the coaches.  By the time she left the stage she promised the judges that she will be back next year. I do hope she keeps developing as a singer because that will make her more successful in the future.  One story of disappointment could shape a child’s life into something spectacular.