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A Good Nights Sleep For Everyone

Do you need a good nights sleep?  We all need a good nights sleep as much as possible.  Your days can be stressful, busy running to appointments, working and playing with your children.  If you are not getting a good nights sleep, it will have an effect on your physical well being and mental well being.

Emma is constantly getting up during the night that Steve and I were pretty much sleeping in different rooms.  This kind of arrangement can lead to relationship issues as partner’s may start to feel distant.  However ever since using this blend of magnesium oils and essential oils are giving Emma the best night sleep.  I have also been using it and I’m having the best sleep.  Steve and I are waking up in the same bed.  It is a win for everyone.

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Does Your Child Want Even Better Sleep?

sleepDoes your child have want even better sleep?  I swear this was Steve and I for 4 years with Grace.  It was night after night of trying to get her down before midnight, especially as she only slept for 40 minutes in a day.  Thank god for our paediatrician finally coming to the rescue with melatonin.

So I know this is a big problem for children with autism and sensory processing disorder.  A specialist explained to me a possible reason for this.  He said that for children with ASD the brain does not register the change in light.  So to them the brain does not register that it is getting darker.  Therefore the brain does not send the message to start producing the melatonin.  Therefore they need help to get them to sleep and keep them sleep.

So how do we get them down to sleep, let alone to stay down?

  • We are using melatonin on both the girls to at least to get them down at a reasonable time.
  • Research shows that a great way to also help with getting children ready for night time is having a set routine.  A professional told me about a pilot program her son was involved in and he is now in his late teens and he still does the same routine and it is extremely successful.  The pilot program encouraged a group of people to have a place in the house that is solely for night time preparation.  The child needs to go to that spot and do quiet activities.  No electronics allowed as well.  You also need to fit on your usual night time routine.  This gives the child’s body the clear message that it is slowing down.
  • Deep pressure massage, squishing between cushions are also good at this time to calm down the sensory system.

These steps have been helpful for my family but I have to admit is hasn’t been enough and so I have had to look for other options.  Essential oils have come into our lives and I haven’t turned back. I have been using the oils so much for my whole families well being.

For sleep:

  • In the afternoon when they come home from school I usually put oils which have a grounding effect on them from all the challenges that they have faced.  I also use an oil to help calm their nervous system down.
  • Then by evening I change the oil for one that will help with relaxation.
  • They also put on an blended oil in a roller bottle with a carrier oil and we put it on their feet.

Which oils may help your child’s body get an even better night sleep?

  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Vetiver
  • Sandalwood
  • Marjoram
  • Cedarwood