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How Much Energy Do You Give To Stress?

Have you ever wondered about how much energy do you give to stress?

We all have times throughout our lives that will create stress.  You might have a child with special needs which can be stressful to for parents most of the time.  Transitioning to parenthood can be further stressful as we learn to understand this new member of the family. It is stressful for dads to be the sole income earner and the stress that comes with that new role.  The list is endless.

But have you ever asked yourself “why am I giving this stress so much meaning?”

For example my little girl has severe sensory processing disorder with sensory defensiveness.  My little girl has real norrow amount of food that she will eat.  Lately it has been giving me endless amount of stress and anxiety.  So if I ask myself why am I giving it so much meaning?

I guess the first thought is that I am going to make my girls obese due to all the Biggest Looser Ads.

What does that mean?

I am stressed that she is not getting the right nutrients due to her not eating any vegetables and fruit and she has decided that she would stop drinking the milk that we put her sustogen in.

Why am I giving that so much meaning?

Because people will think I am a bad parent because my child does not eat vegetables or fruit

Why am I giving that such meaning?

Because I am already feeling like a bad parent because I am obese and I am not teaching my child the right thing (I am not considering her world with SPD).

Why am I giving this meaning?

Because I was always taught as a child to eat my fruit and vegetables

Why am I giving this meaning?

Because I am scared she will become sick and then I may loose her.

As you can see I am peeling back the layers to see if it is a realistic thought or unrealistic thought.

I have been doing a food diary for Em and if I kept worrying about the fact she may die I would miss the baby steps that she made today or tasting a sultana or licking the top of the hot cross buns. She lives in a different world and although I may never understand her world, I have to try and understand her world through her eyes.