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Date Day/Night

The power of having a date day/night!

As new parents we forget that once upon a time and probably not so long ago you were husband/wife, partners. Then you became mum and dad.

But what happened to husband and wife? It gets forgotten down the list of everything else that “seems” to be more important. But the question I have for you is: is everything else more important?

It is one of those areas that a lot of people grieve about the loss of being able to go out by themselves. So it is important to gather one of your supports to try and get out by doing something you both enjoyed doing. I remember the first time Steve and I went out a couple of years after Grace was born. It was like a first date. Plus we made the extra rule that we were not allowed to talk about the kids. But it was great activity to do. Not only was it time out from the kids but it gave us a chance just to be together.

If it is difficult to get out (believe me there better be a good excuse), then get the kids to bed early have a romantic dinner, watch a dvd. Just anything where you both can do something TOGETHER!

Try it and let us know how you go.

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