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Days of Jessie’s Life








I would like to introduce you to Jessie our dog and best friend to Grace and Emma.  This year has already been a big year with Emma commencing Primary School for the first time and Grace is unsettled at the present moment.  I quickly realised as tears flowed from tiredness when picking them up that the girls love to hear a story about Jessie’s day.

But now it is 4 weeks in and the minute I pull away from the curb, I hear “Mum what has Jessie been doing today?”  Who would have known that Jessie could have such a busy day.  Nevertheless, having a story works wonders for their mood as they both laugh and make comments about Jessie’s day.

So I would like to introduce you to Jessie.  Jessie is a Golden Retriever.  She is 5 years old and honestly she is just like the girls.  Since Emma was a baby, Jessie has been her best friend and Grace over the last couple of years has been playing more and more with Jessie.  Jessie is also the biggest sook and has an anxiety level higher than mine.

So I am going to share with you the story of Jessie’s day in case you would like to try it with your children.



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