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Do You Know Your Partner’s Dreams?








Dreams are extremely important in marriages.  Do you know your partner’s dreams?

Realising your partner’s dreams should be one of your goals of marriage.

In happy marriages partners incorporate each other’s goals into their concept of what their marriage is about.  These goals can be as concrete as wanting to live in a certain kind of house or to get a certain academic degree.

There are dreams that are also hidden due to the lack of respect.  By respecting each other, it can help get out of conflicts.  But when do you know when a hidden dream is the core of an issue?  Simply by uncovering this dream can get the couple out of gridlock with respect.

A lot of dreams can be hidden or forgotten amongst families with children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  Plus it is the same for a lot of families.  They put all of their energies on the children and making sure that they are meeting all of their needs but forget their needs.

If these dreams are left hidden, feelings of resentment and loneliness. If these feelings are left to stew, relationships are going to struggle.

In Steve’s and I relationship, he has always followed his sporting dreams of Triathlons and surf ski sports.  His dreams have always been to have his family at the finish and that is where we always are.  Steve is supporting my dreams to help families with Autism.  Steve supports me with everything.

In all of my programs, we look at dreams and uncover these hidden dreams so that these are not part of issues.  It is a fantastic to see people living their dreams.  You can too.

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