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Frustration toleranceAre you:

Struggling with a challenging child?

Wondering why your child is becoming violent?

At your wits end?

Struggling to connect with your child?

Feeling like you have tried everything out there?

Introducing our 10 week program

Challenging Behaviour Busting Program

So many parents tell me that their child:

  • Just wants attention

  • Wants their own way

  • They are manipulating them

  • They are not motivated

  • They are making bad choices

  • Has a bad attitude

  • Knows what buttons to push.

Parents then go on to describe the behaviour as they scream, swear, hit, kick, bite, spit, break things.  Or they may have the opposite where they cry, meltdown, sulk, pout, withdraw.

When asked what the difficulty was that lead up to the behaviour from their child’s point of view, a lot of parent’s have difficulty knowing what the cause was that created the outburst from their child’s point of view.

Imagine having those answers……………..

About the program

Parents’ of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder already know that approaches to parenting needs to be re-evaluated which is not easy at all.  Before we become parents we naturally dream about what type of parent we want to be.  We evaluate how we were parented and what parts we want to continue with our own children.  However what happens when we are faced with changing our parenting styles?  We either embrace the changes needed or we continue with what you are currently doing.

Let me share with you a secret………….

Your child wants to do well if they can.

“Behaviourally challenging kids are challenging because they’re lacking the skills to not be challenging.” (Ross Greene)

What will I learn:

Week 1 What is a challenging child and what is the coercive cycle
Week2 Are the 4 unwanted behaviours causing havoc in your house.
Week 3 All about emotions and your beliefs
Week 4 Discovering the difficulties your child is having and what skills are missing
Week 5 Looking at the unsolved problems
Week 6 Five steps to emotion coaching
Week 7 Three plans for helping behaviour challenging children
Week 8 Looking closer at plan B and lots of strategies
Week 9 Building a connection with your child
Week 10 Plan for the future


Program Plan

Time:  Each session will last for an hour.  For families in Melbourne I am happy to travel around Melbourne.  For those further out, I will do sessions through skype or over the phone.

DayAs this is a 10 week program, I prefer to book on the same day and time each week.  However I am mindful that events come up and this arrangement may not suit everyone so it can be flexible.  I also understand that weekly may create pressure of clients especially those (like myself) like to really absorb what has been discussed.  So I am also happy to make appointments fortnightly. I do require 24 hours notice to reschedule.

What you will receive

  • An emotion tracking book to map out emotions

  • Information/workbook at the end of each session which will give you more information about what was discussed

  • A summary of any plans or strategies that is developed

  • A mid week phone call to check in on how things are going at home

  • You can have constant access to me through email

  • Have access to a secret facebook group surrounded by other supportive families

How do I know this will work for us?

The short answer is, you won’t!  There are no promises in programs like this because there are many factors involved in conflict and the pathway to resolution.

What I will guarantee however, is that if you join this program you will get an amazing insight into what are the difficulties which are causing the behaviour and a proven pathway to reduce these behaviours IF you apply what is being taught.

So often clients want a quick fix, but you have to do the work.  We will give you homework and exercises to apply that will assist you. You will have all the information you need to reduce the challenging behaviours. But the commitment part will be up to you. You will only get out of it what you are willing to put in.

However, we are so confident that we can help you learn more about the difficulties your child is having and if you’ve been actively participating in all the sessions, completing the homework tasks and sharing what challenges you are having, if by week 5 you are not happy then you will receive a money back guarantee on it!


$40.00 per session for those using skype calls.  This also includes all the extras and emails.

$50.00 per session for those who I am meeting face to face.  This also includes all the extras and emails.

Still wondering if you should join in the program?

You may be wondering why this program is for parent’s and not your child?  The answer is simple you know your child best.  Your child needs your help and you need as much help as possible to make the necessary changes to reduce the difficulties your child is having.  Participating in this program will also give you the chance to connect with your child like never before.

The program will be challenging and with this extra care provided that you don’t get in hour sessions at the percentage of professionals, you will succeed if you put in the work.  I am here to help you as much as possible.

If you want to know more simply contact me here and request a FREE 30 MINUTE SESSION to see how I can help you.