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Extreme Self Care is for Selfish People

Extreme Self CareExtreme Self Care is for Selfish People!

Did you agree or disagree?

What is the difference between self care and extreme self care?

Do you personally think that self care is selfish because you are a mum or dad and you should be looking after the children?

At this moment, I am writing this post and enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Could a glass of wine be seen as part of your self care?  Yes it is.

How can we be the parent that you want to be (a did not mention “the perfect parent”) if you are not looking after yourself?

The truth is that when we decide to care for ourselves in a more attentive, proactive, and soul nourishing way, we’re forced to confront a cultural view that selfish is a dirty word.

Can we be a good mum or dad to our children if you are not looking after yourself?  No you cant.  All you will end up doing is destroying your immune system, being exhausted and not connecting with those around you like you want to.

When we care for ourselves deeply and deliberately, we naturally being to care for others – our families, our friends, and the world – in a healthier and more effective way.  We become conscious and conscientious people.  We tell the truth.  We make choices from a place of love and compassion instead of guilt and obligation.  We begin to understand that we’re all connected, and that our individual actions affect the greater whole in a more profound way than we ever imagined.

The art of self care takes patience, commitment, and practice.  It initially requires a willingness to sit with some pretty uncomfortable feelings such as guilt – for putting your own needs first, fear of being judged and criticized by others, or anxiety from challenging long held beliefs and behaviours.

As a telephone support worker for PANDA supporting mums and dads suffering through Postnatal Depression the importance to spend at least 5 minutes in a day with some form of self care activity.  If anyone told me that they didn’t have 5 minutes, I would say that is crap.  We all have five minutes which we could put to self care activities.

It could be enjoying a coffee whilst looking out the window, reading a magazine, a book, watching TV.  Whatever it is for you to enjoy.  Just book it in to do it once a day and make a commitment.  You will be surprised on how it will make you feel both physically and mentally.

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