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familyHi, my name is Grace and I am 8 years old.  My family is extremely important to me as they are always there for me.  I have blonde hair and green eyes.  I love to read, jump on the trampoline and play with my sister.  I was also the leader of my calisthenics group last year and I have Autism.

I love to line objects up especially when feeling stressed.  I need lots of warnings for when things are going to change.  I hate loud noise.  I am really caring, although I do have trouble with understanding people sometime but I include people in my activities.

There is a lot more about me than just my Autism and I like people to remember that I am who I am and it is not just about my Autism.  I might think differently to you but you think differently to me and that is OK because we are all different.

Coaching for Lifetime Change

This part section of Coaching for Lifetime Change is all about the family.  You will find under the Family tab there is a section for:

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I still remember Grace receiving her diagnosis like it was yesterday.  The nervousness before each of the appointments and squeezing Steve’s hand.  Although we did know where the results were all headed from my background in Autism and recognising a lot of the characteristics before hand, I did feel like my world had stopped.  I never thought that I would have a child on the Autism Spectrum.  Then Emma was diagnosed with Autism as well as Sensory Processing Disorder Defensive Modulation. 

Steve and I both knew that we were in it together as a family.  We have great family support from immediate families.  We lost a few friends after the diagnosis which hurt.  But no matter what hurdle comes our way, we know that we are in it together. 

It is extremely concerning to hear of stories where parents were not in it together and opt to separate.  This highlights that there is a  massive demand for families as a whole need more assistance so that they are all confident in the road ahead.

Receiving professional help is crucial for your child’s future.  It also provides the opportunity for families to enjoy and celebrate everything their children learn to do.  They find consolation and rewards in the reality that people with autism teach the rest of us profound and spiritual lessons in acceptance and in honouring the diversity of the human condition.