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How Do YOU Connect With Your Children?

Mother Holding Child's Hand How do you connect with your children?


Remember the last time you had your child’s hand in your hand like this.  Was it today…………….a month………a year?

I know when I hold Grace’s and Emma’s hands I feel a buzz run through me, even what I am feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of life.  It is also a reminder that they need me.  I am sure when they are teenagers, they probably won’t want me to hold their hands.  I can hear it already “it isn’t cool mum to hold your hand.”

As children grow and develop it is important for parents to find new ways of connecting with their children.  Children at every age need love, affection, comfort and guidance.  They need safety and protection which in the early years may mean that we need to block them from blindly running across the streets. But later we may need techniques for handling a bully at school, or knowing how to say no to friends and what to do when they feel anxiety.  They need understanding when they make mistakes and sympathy when they come hurting.  They need tolerance when their hormones make them crazy and our limit setting when they make poor decisions.

The goal is to find time to engage and connect at your child’s current level.  What will you do to connect with your child?

No matter if your child is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder there are always ways to connect.


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