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How to Include A Sensory Diet Into Your Day

I know how hard it is to include a sensory diet into your day.  It is already hard enough dealing with everyday activities.  So I bet you are wondering how do you add a sensory diet in there as well.

But what is a sensory diet?  It is a ‘personalised schedule of sensory activities that give your child the sensory fuel his/her body needs to get into this organised state and stay there.  By providing beneficial sensory input throughout the day, you can create profound, long-lasting changes in your child’s nervous system’ (Biel, L and Peske, N.  Raising a Sensory Smart Child).

My Occupational Therapist after seeing me drag myself into therapy sessions feeling flustered because I seriously could not structure it in my day.  I think I felt completely overwhelmed by the list of activities we should be doing.

The best advice that she gave me was to include it in transition activities.

  • Doing bear walks after getting dressed to breakfast.
  • Frog jumps from breakfast to brushing teeth.
  • We got a decent sized rooms so I could set up a mini trampoline so I could iron (at a decent distance away) whilst getting them to jump/crash.  Plus by leaving it out they could do that whenever they liked it.
  • There are times in the day where I sat down and did activities with them.
  • In the car I gave them non noisy blowing toys.

Just remember, there will be days where everything goes out the window and that is ok.  We can not be perfect all the time.

If you want some easy suggestions on how to include the sensory diet into the day, feel free to email me at

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