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I Don’t Have Time For Self Care

I hear a lot that people do not have time and I usually say in reply “make the time.”  See self care as an appointment that you don’t ever cancel.  I am not telling you to do 30 minutes each day but at a minimum 5 minutes.

Imagine the cost to your health and to your family if you run yourself in the ground.  As the saying goes “you can’t burn ends of the candle.”  Our bodies have a way of making us stop when it has reached the point of no return.  We are either sick, depressed and not able to function.  By taking 5 minutes for yourself each day will help stop you from falling sick which will financially cost you more than 5, 10, 15 minutes to look after you.

If you also put you at the bottom of the list and hit the wall, what good are you to your family? Mums and dads all need a break each day for themselves.

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