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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder is not just about the child but about the whole family.  Meet all challenges together as a family and love your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder for who they are.

You are husband and wife.  You are mum and dad.

You had dreams about what your family would be with children.

You dreamt about lying in bed together cuddling. Participating in Auskick. Enjoying a good book together. Having lots of playdates.

But this not your reality.

Your child was meeting milestones and learning to talk. But then you noticed that they stopped talking. Your child pushes you away and screams when you want a cuddle. Tantrums all the time. Does not want to play with anyone. Sits and spins toy wheels for endless hours. Will not make eye contact.

Then your reality comes crashing down with a massive thud. A professional has suggested you look into a possibility that you have a child with autism spectrum disorder.

The feelings of denial, anger, loneliness, sadness at the possibility of being on the spectrum. The process is long with waiting lists and the amount of paperwork is depressing as you analysis everything about your child. Then, finally comes the day when you hear the dreaded words that “Your child is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder”.

Parental stress at is at an all-time high about the future and you feel a sense of guilt that you have caused your child’s autism.

YOU are not alone.

Research shows that parents who receive assistance at this early stage after diagnosis have less parental stress and are more competent by the time early intervention commences.

Your child will receive a lot of assistance during their intervention. The parent who takes your child to therapy sessions, will receive some support.   Nevertheless, the divorce rate amongst families with an ASD child is still too high. However, it is unclear if the diagnosis was the primary cause or just another factor. But families as a whole need more support so that they can navigate the challenges as a family.

At Coaching for Lifetime Change, we have developed our program for the family as a holistic approach. Having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder involves the whole family. Taking the time to strengthen your relationship with each of your family members will create a solid and unbreakable foundation to meet those challenges as a family.

You might be thinking how can someone who has not been through what you are going through help. I have been through what you are going through as I have two girls who have been diagnosed with autism and my youngest also has sensory processing disorder.

The programs below have been designed for parents to feel confident in themselves with the journey ahead.  There are definitely no programs available to families that will provide such depth and understanding.  You are getting help from a person who totally understands.  Families need help and that is what I am here for.


Program Benefits Bronze Program Gold Program
8X1 hour coaching sessions through Skype or telephone You will be provided with a safe place to talk with someone who understands and will motivate you * *
Free and unlimited access to a secret Facebook group Further support from other families who are going through the same journey. Positive and encouraging environment which will be constantly monitored * *
At the end of each session you will receive an email with your notes from the session To help you to remember your family goals and strategies that you want to implement at home * *
Self Care Program To look after your well being.To give you some time out.To recharge your batteries.To holistically look after youTo do activities that you enjoy.To ensure that our six human basic needs are met * *
Relationship assessment To look at the strengths of the relationship.To see where the relationship can be improved.To start to reconnect as a couple * *
Build a Family Legacy To get a clear realistic picture of what you want your family to be. To talk about events you want to include/not include in your family. To help build your family resistance. To develop goals and strategies you can include on a daily basis so you can have your dream family * *
Communication To improve communication skills.To strengthen our relationship.To be able to talk to one another through the challenging times * *
Parenting Styles To talk about current parenting styles. To gain more awareness on how our parenting styles work with children with ASD. To become more competent in our parenting skills. To become more confident within ourselves * *
Build a relationship with your child To get to know your child with ASD. To help your other children and develop a strong relationship with them * *
Unlimited email access To have as much support as needed throughout the program   *
A mid week 15 minute phone call to both parents A great chance to talk about challenges. To be able to talk to someone who understands   *
You will receive a special journals for parts of the programs To document your journey. To record all the special moments   *
Resource Kit To develop a resource kit to cater for your needs. When times are challenging an easy resource for solutions   *


Do you want to:

  • Build a strong family relationship that will meet the challenges ahead together?
  • Give your child the best future possible?
  • Have the support from someone who also has children on the spectrum?
  • A place to be heard without any judgements?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please send us an email and we will be in touch as quickly as possible