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mother love

Here is a support program for ASD and SPD families.

No matter where you are in the journey through the Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder, we all need support from time to time.

So often we hear mums and dads say that they wish they could talk with someone who understands.  Friends can be good but because they do not experience your world, you just may not feel they hear you.

We have developed a program for mums and dads to access for support.  No longer do you need to feel you do not have anyone to talk to.


The Support Program consists of three levels of support.

 Bronze  Silver  Gold
One weekly phone/Skype call  *  *  *
 One mid week check in call (30 Minutes) *  *
 Emails per week  Two  Seven  Unlimited
 Monthly newsletter  *  *  *
 Access to secret Facebook group  *  *
Health and Wellness Consultation *
 Personal Self Care Program  *

The benefits are:

  • You are talking with someone who has children within the Autism Spectrum and Sensory Processing Disorder.
  • You will receive a call midweek in two of the plans for more support.
  • You have someone who cares about you.
  • If I feel that you need further support, I will help you find someone that will help
  • By having the option of email during the week, gives you extra support if needed. You definitely don’t that normally through therapy.
  • The Facebook group is secret so no one can see who or what you are saying.  This room will be full of support.


Bronze:  $10.00 per week.

Silver:  $15.00 per week.

Gold :  $20.00 per week.

For email support only:

  • Unlimited weekly emails (same price if you send only 1 or 20 emails in a week)
  • Access to secret Facebook group
  • Monthly newsletter

Cost:  $15.00 per week.

If you have any questions, please not hesitate to call Rebecca on 0409 191 740 or email