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Being Friends With A Person With Autism

As parents with two children with autism we are constantly concerned that our daughters will have no friends because we understand that being friends with a person with Autism can be rewarding as well as challenging if you do not understand them.   Nevertheless, at this stage the girls have made friends with some gorgeous children.  We hear so many situations where children with Autism are on their own because people do not understand them.

Grace and Emma go to social classes to learn how to interact with others but I have always thought about why doesn’t other children learn the same thing in classes.  All children need to learn how to include others into their daily life.  Grace and Emma rarely if ever say a mean thing about another child.  They are very loyal to their friends and will stick up for them.  But it needs to go both ways.

I have come across this article providing people with strategies on How to Be a Good Friend to Someone Who Has Asperger’s Syndrome. 

Can I Make a Bargain With You?

How many times have you said to yourself “I would do anything for me to have autism and not my child. Why can’t it be me?”  I know I have said it numerous times especially at the start.  This is usually the bargain grief stage is the next stage after anger for parents when dealing with the grief cycle.

Several themes emerge as parents travel the road to acceptance.  Initially they struggle with the symptoms of autism.  Time stops as parents initially become very upset with their child’s difficulties and then they begin the protected journey of putting together the appropriate interventions.

However, at this stage parents hope for a way out, find a cure.  They tend to bargain with high powers to take the diagnosis away from the child in place on inflicting pain on themselves.

If you are stuck in the bargaining part of the grief cycle or simply want to talk to someone who understand, please do not hesitate to contact me on  Sometimes it is easier to talk to some who understands.