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Emma First School Excursion

Emma has her first school excursion to the farm tomorrow.  There has been a lot of preparation for this excursion over the last month.  At the start of the preparation there were a lot of tears and screaming but slowly it has ceased.

But tomorrow is the big day.

The challenges we are faced with are:

  • Parent’s are not allowed to go.  Thank goodness I have a very understanding teacher who has agreed that I meet them there so I can be a support person for Emma.
  • Never been on a bus.  We were going to take her on one over the holidays but we were having a lot of trouble with her in the car.  I can not go on the bus with her because we can not have other parents finding out.  So after a great discussion with her teacher, the teachers aide will sit with her so she doesn’t try and get off the bus.  She will have headphones on for the noise.  She will have her weighted blanket to calm the nervous system and I will get her to inhale some wild orange essential oil to help calm her down.
  • The farm in general.  This will be a challenging part because even at the zoo she spends about an hour climbing up my head in distress from it.  After discussion with her teacher, I want to stand back and just see what Emma does but the first hour could be a challenge and I am hoping that she will calm after that.  But if all goes wrong, I can take her home instead of battling too much with her.
  • They have a pony ride – I am sure she will be more than happy to watch.
  • They have a tractor ride – well I guess we will see how she goes with that.

I can see her having a great day.  But fingers are crossed.