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Mum and Dad I am Not Autistic!

I am not autistic……………………………………………I have autism.  However there is so much more to me than having autism.  I believe that when people say “my child is autistic” it gives off the notion that everything about them is autistic characteristics.

However if you really want to connect with your child, the most important part is for you to realise that label does not describe your child.  See it as a means for your child to get help.  You fell in love with your child when you became pregnant and at that stage there was no label.  Your child at that stage was a human being starting to develop a body, arms, legs, eyes, nose and mouth.  When they entered the world they didn’t have a diagnosis so you loved them for who they were.

What is more important is that they still are the same child.  I remember when my eldest daughter was diagnosed, the child care centre said to me (they had been looking after her for two years prior) that they couldn’t look after her anymore.  I was astounded and simply said that she is the same child from the previous day.  We as parents need to remember all the different aspects about our child. Autism does not define them.