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I Want to Transform Myself But Can’t Afford it?

Do you thinking “I want to transform myself but cant afford it“?  I know I was thinking that before I took the jump and just make that commitment.  I had the list of reasons why I could not afford it with living on one wage, need to pay for children therapy appointment etc etc etc.

But where did that leave me?  Stuck in my rut of putting myself last.  I felt depressed as I was not living the life I dreamed and I was stuck making plenty of excuses for absolutely everything.

It is clearly well researched that by not taking action and not looking after ourselves there is an increase of doctor appointments because we are constantly unwell, you will most likely be diagnosed with depression so that is an increase of psychiatrist and psychologist appointments.

When I made the commitment to transform my life in so many areas I said goodbye to my psychologist – saving.  I am seeing my psychiatrist once every 3 months instead of every month.  I am saying goodbye to my medication.  I am loving life again. I am getting the weight off which will improve my overall health.  However it did take a lot of courage to take that step.  But it was the best thing I did for myself.

My services are aimed at mums and I know that there is a lot of cost involved with having a family.  But the financial pressure with not looking after yourself is a lot worse than making a decision to finally put YOU first.  I keep all my program prices affordable for families as at the end of the day I want all my clients living the life that they want to live. Nothing is more rewarding than watching women transform themselves and this transformation benefits all areas of their life especially their relationship with their partner and child.

One aspect of my service that a lot of clients find extremely helpful in their journey is that they can email me throughout the week outside the reawakening coaching sessions.  They also feel that they gain better results from this support as they are able to contact me when they hit a hurdle rather than only having it discussed once a week.

There are more benefits to making a decision to transform yourself than the costs that mount up by not looking after yourself.  If you want to know more have a look at my Reawaken You program and take action TODAY.