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Congratulations Prince William and Princess Catherine

Coaching for Lifetime Change would like to congratulate Kate and Will on the arrival of their little boy.  It has been definitely a media circus leading up to the birth.  What was amazing was the dazzling smile they both had showing the new member of the family to the world. But there was also that look that all new mums and dads have with what do we do next.

But just like any new parent, they too will go through all the joys and struggles all parents have. I am sure they are working out how much little one is feeding, how do you change a nappy, how do you breast feed, sleep routine and simply getting to know this new little person in their lives.  Family of origin will definitely play a major part for Prince William and Princess Kate as not only did both come from different family lives but they have to work together on how to raise their new son.  I am sure that there is a sense of grief especially for Prince William as he will not have the chance to share it with his mum.  I remember feeling sad after the birth of my girls knowing that my dad was not there to share this wonderful moment.

The media needs to respect their need for time together as a family as from reports they want to shelter their new child from the media eye as much as possible.  They will also need to be firm with family and friends if they do not want visitors all the time and I do suggest a sign on the gate to let people know that the new family is resting.

I do hope they are hands on with the child and by media reports they will be and not relying solely on nannies to raise the child.  I wish you both all the best and feel free to contact me if you need any guidance 🙂


Mothers Guilt

There is an interesting article in Melbourne’s Child (June 2013) based on mothers guilt.  The author is saying that there is no room for mothers’ to feel guilty and I heartily agree.

Before a child is even conceived there is guilt put on the couple if conceiving has become a long journey.  Instant thoughts are what is wrong with me? We must be doing something wrong? Then of course there is the guilt of how you gave birth for instance cesarean, natural births with/without drugs.

After the baby is born women feel guilty if there isn’t that instant bond, they do not breastfeed, they don’t play enough with their child, if they immunise/not immunise their child.  The list is endless. We have so much information about what is right/wrong for your child, that parent’s are under so much pressure to get it right all the time.

But Michaela Fox hit the nail on the head with the this quote:

‘We need to stop accepting guilt as part of motherhood. Every mother has different skills and approaches to mothering; there is no single right way. We need to trust our instincts more and listen to others less.”

We know our child best!