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Discrimination is alive and well!

Discrimination is alive and well and we should be appalled. The Paralympics is currently happening in Rio and we should be celebrating the athletes achievements.  But are we celebrating it?  No.  Reality is that we only care able the able body Olympics and athletes.

I purchased the Herald Sun expecting a celebration article somewhere in the 6 pages.  Did I find an article?  NO.  We seem to care more about the health of Hillary Clinton over our Olympians.  We will promote ISIS propaganda over celebrating the achievements of our athletes.  Even Belle Gibson got an article over our athletes.  This would never have happened if it was our able body Olympians.

So much work is being done to encourage acceptance and awareness of disabilities and reality is even when we should be celebrating the hard work our Paralympian’s do to achieve their dreams just like we do for our abled Olympians we show just how much we don’t care.

We should hang our heads in shame.