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My Child’s Diagnosis of Autism Hurts Me So Much

When looking back at when my child’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, I can still remember my reaction, how I felt like it was yesterday.  I had expected the diagnosis but it still hurt that they were going through this and there was nothing that I could do to “take the diagnosis away”.   I prayed to God that he could do anything to me but he had to take away my child’s diagnosis of autism.

Are you having similar thoughts?

You are not alone I promise you.  It is extremely natural for you to feel this way because people are hardwired to decrease pain and increase pleasure.   Most of us have to block out the pain just to function from day to day.  But sadly people never face these painful feelings and thoughts.  However these thoughts do not go away they simply just increase.

My clients have the opportunity to share these painful thoughts in a safe environment where there is no judgement.  There is nothing a client could tell me that would shock me.  I am here for each of my clients and I want them to feel free to share these thoughts so that they can move on.

If you want to share these thoughts and want to move on, have a look at my program Empowering Families of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder