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Disciplining Children Through Waterboarding

Goodness I have heard it all tonight on a facebook group.  A person put up a post to get people’s opinion about disciplining children through waterboarding.

Water boarding as it is currently described involves strapping a person to an inclined board, with his feet raised and his head lowered. The interrogators bind the person’s arms and legs so he can’t move at all, and they cover his face. In some descriptions, the person is gagged, and some sort of cloth covers his nose and mouth; in others, his face is wrapped in cellophane. The interrogator then repeatedly pours water onto the person’s face. Depending on the exact setup, the water may or may not actually get into the person’s mouth and nose; but the physical experience of being underneath a wave of water seems to be secondary to the psychological experience. The person’s mind believes he is drowning, and his gag reflex kicks in as if he were choking on all that water falling on his face.”  Now this method is used for interrogation.

But what has shocked me is that parent’s push their children’s head under water as a discipline method and are ok about it.  Why do they not hear alarm bells going off?

Do you know anyone who uses this method as this is child abuse?