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Stress Affects All Members of the Family

Stress affects all members of the family and it is important to take time out to recharge the batteries.  Emma is suffering through severe anxiety at present and it has been tough on everyone.  The last term of school was far from easy and then of course we had to help her through the demands of Christmas.

I purchased tickets to see Star Wars VII at Imax at the start of January.  It was wonderful just to have a few hours to ourselves as a couple.  It gave us the chance to talk about some strategies that we can use to help Emma.  We could talk about how Grace was travelling.  Plus we had the chance to talk about how we both were handling things.

Taking time out especially during stressful periods is a MUST to reduce the amount of stress levels which will improve everyone’s well being.

Meditation is Under Valued!







Have you tried meditation and didn’t make the commitment to do it daily?  I know I am like this as well.

Emma is going through heightened anxiety at the moment and it is extremely challenging on us all.  It is breaking our heart to watch her go through it and all I want to do is fix it.  For me personally, it is stirring up my anxiety as I feel that somehow I have caused it.  There is also the concern that this is what Emma will go through for the rest of her life.

So I have set myself the task of meditating every night before I go to bed.  I listen to Ken Davis music and it goes for 10 minutes.  I say in my head “I want to be calm (in breath) I want the world to be calm (out breath).

I have been doing this for a week and already I am feeling calmer especially when helping move through her anxiety.  During the day when I feel my anxiety starting I concentrate on my breathing and have to say by bringing my thoughts back to my breathe has a massive effect on my well being.

I am being patient with the girls and they are also calmer as a result.  I would recommend you to at least do a week and see an improvement in your life.


How to Help Your Child With Anxiety

Are you thinking to yourself how to help your child with anxiety?  Already Emma is feeling anxious with heading into Prep this year and it became even more as we got her first pair of school shoes.  Instead of telling her it will all be okay, I said “I would feel nervous about heading to school because it is new to you”.  Then she said “but Gracie will be there.”

I have found a fantastic article called 9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try.

The authors main tips are:

1.  Stop reassuring your child – Stop and take some breaths with your child.  Empathize that you understand how they are feeling.  When your child is calm, together come up with possible solutions. Let go of any guilt that you feel.

2.  Highlight why worrying is good – Teach your child that worrying is normal and that everyone worries and feel the same.

3.  Bring your child’s worry to life – Personifying worry or creating a character has multiple benefits. It can help demystify this scary physical response children experience when they worry. It can reactivate the logical brain, and it’s a tool your children can use on their own at any time.

4.  Teach your child to be a thought detective – As they get older they can learn how to catch those thoughts that are causing the anxiety, collect evidence about these thoughts and challenge the thoughts.

5.  Allow them to worry – I would encourage you to read the article for total understanding but in short give your child maybe 10 minutes to worry and put that worry in a box.  This worry could be anything.

6. Help them to go from what ifs to what is – Mindfulness brings a child from what if to what is. To do this, help your child simply focus on their breath for a few minutes.

7.  Avoid avoiding everything that causes anxiety – break their fears into small goals over a period of time until they reach that goal because we do not want them living life.

8.  Help them work through a checklist – develop a checklist with your child to work out how to calm down.

9. Practice self compassion.

I really encourage you to read this article for some great tips.