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How To Follow Your Child’s Lead in Three Simple Steps

Mum and dads dream about all the activities, cuddle times that they want to have with their child.  These dreams simply do not go away once a child has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  Mums and dads still crave for these moments but sadly we struggle on how to get any response from their child.  This is truly devastating for the family as a whole.

When was the last time you actually followed your child’s lead?

It is not an easy activity to simply do and it can make parents feel awkward because the activities that your child may be participating in may not be ‘normal’.  But if you look at activities that your child is doing and simply copy them, over time you will start to notice little gestures that you will know your child will be loving.  Over time you will strengthen your relationship and get to the point where your child may come up to you and want that cuddle.

Three simple ways for you to follow your child’s lead are:

1)  Pick an activity that your child likes to do even if it banging two blocks together

2)  Go down to their level for instance sit on the floor if they are sitting on the floor

3)  Copy what they are doing and smile at them.

As part of my program Empowering Families of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder we will work together to develop these moments and document these moments so you can see how your relationship can be strengthen over time.