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My Child Has Been Diagnosed With Autism

No parent wants their child diagnosed with a disability.  I never dreamt that one day my child would be diagnosed with autism.  But both of my girls have been diagnosed with autism.  It is very easy to say my child is autistic.  However your child has autism, Asperger’s etc.  The diagnosis is only a little part of who they are but they are honestly more than that.  It is important to remember that no matter how old they are that they are simply a child who has a lot of strengths that we need to focus on.

Part of me thinks it is time for me to tell my eldest that she has autism and I keep trying to find ways to tell her.  However I keep telling myself that I need to tell her about all her strengths and that the autism is just about how she looks at the world.  She is as special as every child in the world.