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Are You Relying Just On Your Medication to Cure PND?

bridge  Are you just relying on your medication to cure you of PND, depression, anxiety, PPD, PPA?  Medication equates for 30% of your recovery from your illness.  You cant not simply think that medication is the answer and that you do not need to do anything.  If that is your mindset you will find it will take longer to get into recovery.

You also need to seek professional help to get through the last 70%.  There are so many different types of therapy that suit different people.  I had CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) and I also had ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy) which in the end I felt combined the two different therapies nicely for me.

Each type of therapy will also give you strategies so that you can implement them in your daily life.  It is important that you find out which strategies work best for you and implement them daily.

Never give up because you will reach the end of the bridge and you will look back and be amazed about everything you have accomplished.