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When Will She Ever Play With Me?


When will she ever play with me?

One question we ask ourselves a lot with Grace is “When will she play with me?”  It is challenging to get Grace to play with sports equipment for even 5 minutes.  Emma enjoys playing with sport equipment and is happy to go outside to play.

Before and after children are born, we naturally have dreams about the future.  However when these dreams do not meet reality this can be challenging for all parents.  Steve is very active and has always enjoyed doing triathlons and multisport races.  He has always wished that he could go bike riding with the girls.  However, this is challenging because Grace has very little interest in riding a bike and she finds scooters challenging.  Grace is more like me in her interests as they revolve around reading books, music and imaginary play.

However, on the weekend we went down to Torquay to play for a while.  We took the dog and a ball in any hope of getting the girls to kick the ball around.  We were expecting Grace to go into her own world and Emma to play with Steve and the ball.  But unknown to us it was the other way around.  Grace and Steve played soccer for ages whilst Emma and I went for walks with the dog.

This was a massive connection building time for Grace and Steve.  I loved watching them both kick the ball around as it was something to we thought Grace would never really do.  It was such a precious moment that we will never forget.

Your child may not be interested in what you like to do and that is normal for all children.  However do not think they will never do something that you would like them to do because you never know they may just surprise you.