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Don’t Wait Forever For Happiness

CouplesAre you waiting for happiness to arrive? Don’t wait forever for happiness.

How often the media and others when I loose 20kgs, have the most successful business, have the best relationship you will be happy?

All the time!

I remember completing a 21km run (ok I walked the entire way) and all throughout the preparation, I was expecting this massive wave of emotion to come over me with the achievement.  Did it happen?  Nope and boy was I disappointed.  All this effort, blisters, swollen arm for goodness knows what, loosing toe nails and I didn’t feel much after it.

Why do we tell people that when you do……………………………………………………… will be happy?

I went to a relationship workshop run by Wendy Jacobs who helped me with some personal issues a while back.  She taught us three powerful words which is already making such a huge impact on my life.


We are always being told to do, be, have.  Do the work and then you will be what you want and then you will have happiness.  But Wendy taught us to be who we want to be right now, do what you have to be who you want to be and have everything that you want.  Loosing 20kgs is not going to make you happy.  Eating healthy, exercising and looking after yourself will make you happy.

If you want to improve your relationships, you need to have a complete vision on what you want your relationship to be.  Then you need to be who you want to be in your relationship.  Do not accept average or a 5 in your relationship.  If you want to be a 10 in your relationship you need a vision of what that actually means and be that person right now.  You need to then activate your plan to be that person and do everything in your power to be that person.  Then you will naturally have the relationship that you want to have.

Here at Coaching for Lifetime Change, we have many programs which are focused on your relationships with your partner, with yourself and/or your child.  It is now time to not wait and be who you want to be right now.

Don’t wait forever for happiness!