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Days of Jessie’s Life

Emma had a trying day at school today with having 2 blood noses and she immediately asked for a Days of Jessie’s Life.

On today’s Day of Jessie’s Life, Jessie is surrounded by banging noises with the builders busy at work next door.  As each nail was hammered in, poor Jessie started loosing fur (didn’t really happen).  Then all of a sudden there was light at the end of the tunnel with the sound of our car coming home.  Jessie picked her weary body off the concrete and looked in anticipation in the window to see who was coming home.

Jessie was hoping that it would be Grace and Emma as they give the best cuddles ever.  But sadly, it was only mum.  Jessie’s heart sank a bit but she put her puppy dog eyes on and whimpered hoping that mum would let her in the house.  I waited and waited as mum went in and out and then finally the front door closed.

Jessie started panting and mum reached up and opened the door and Jessie was allowed inside.  Jessie was not happy that Grace and Emma wasn’t home but thought at least mum let me in and gave me a good pat.  But Jessie couldn’t help but wonder when Grace and Emma were coming home, so Jessie went and found their favourite dog and put my head next to the dog and gave it a cuddle and waited until Grace and Emma came home from school.