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How To Teach Emotion Regulation With Your Child

How to Teach ChildrenIs the chair, corner, bedroom, laundry etc going to teach emotion regulation to your child?  The answer is no it is not.  But how do you teach emotion regulation with your child?

Building your child’s emotional intelligence means helping your child understand their emotions by recognising what they are feeling and why.

What does sending the child to the corner teach them?  That the behaviour is unacceptable and if you do it you will go to the corner.  It does not actually teach the child how to recognise what they are feeling and different strategies on how to deal with those emotions.  By not actively helping our children to understand their emotions, you will only continue to experience explosive behaviour situations.


How To Teach Emotion Regulation With Your Child 

  1.  Believe it or not that most important step is parent’s looking within and see how you deal with your emotions.  How can we possibly teach children emotion regulation if we dismiss or hide our emotions?
  2. Before you react to their behaviour find the reason for their behaviour as there is always a trigger.
  3. Show empathy to your child and label your emotions “I can see that you are sad, frustrated etc with…….”
  4. Help them to find more appropriate ways to deal with their emotions rather than hitting etc.

A great way I have done this in my house is by usingEmotion thermometer the following picture chart and the girls have learnt to recognise where their emotions are on the chart.

I also made up a poster and used the characters and we went through different activities they can do when they feel like this.

By doing this you are teaching your child to manage their feelings in positive ways so that they can in the long term regulate their own emotions.

When you look at addictions, social problems in society a lot of it comes down to people do not know how to regulate their own emotions and we find ways to hide and not deal with emotions.

I remember going through severe postnatal depression and depression, one of the major parts of my recovery is actually learning about my emotions and learning how to deal with them appropriately rather through self harm.  When I am struggling, I visualise a river and visualise the emotions that I am struggling with flowing down the river as all emotions come and go.  How many emotions do you go through each day?

If you really want to give your child the best start to their emotions, I really encourage you to do the emotion coaching program which you can find under the services section. It is one of my favourite programs as the transformations that people have are amazing.