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Hate Loosing My Patience With The Girls

It all began with fighting over a toy dog with Band-Aids on it.  A toy that they rarely play with at all (ok was even considering loosing it mysteriously) but of course they both wanted to play with it this morning.  To make it even more challenging, we were running late to get dressed and I even used the threat to take them to school in they pjs.  Hands up who has not resorted to using that threat before. I have even seen parents bring children to school in their pjs.

So in all my frustrations, I took the dog off them and put it up on the kitchen bench and told them to get dressed.  I’m not sure what my neighbours through was going on in here this morning.  Both girls started wailing like it was the end of the world.  Grace (thank goodness) decided to quit crying because I praised her with each step that she did.  But Emma my goodness it went on for 45 minutes.

But sadly, I have to admit that I lost my cool (forgot to remember my I am calm chant) and told Emma to simply be quiet.  I really do hate when I loose my temper with them as yelling does not help with their auditory processing issues.  I also have to remember that I need to be older, kinder and wiser at these moments.

But as a friend reminded me as I came flustered to school is that we are all human and loose it from time to time.

No Parent is Perfect!

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘that parent is parent because…………..’  well let me share with you a little secret.


If only you could be a fly on the wall this morning, you would soon realise that even I am not perfect all the time.  Here in Victoria, Australia we are heading into 3rd term holidays and my eldest Grace is having a massive week with having her first school concert.

School concert 2014

Grace has managed to battled with routine changes and having an all day rehearsals yesterday and then having the school concert last night (I won’t mention that she does it all again tonight) so this has put her anxiety through the roof which is extremely challenging for a child with autism.  But she has done an amazing job and looked like she really enjoyed herself last night.

But of course this morning it was emotional overload for both girls and it was not pretty.  On one hand she wanted to stay home but in the next breath she didn’t want to be last for school so there was a lot of screaming between both her and Emma.  Half way through it all, I lost it (parents are allowed to be exhausted) I lost it and started yelling at them.  Believe me I felt like a horrible mum after it all.  So even I have my ups and downs as a parent and I am more than happy to share it with you so you do not feel that I am always perfect and will lecture families on being perfect because that is not reality.

Nevertheless, I did find a little strategy that could help improve their mood for a little while.  I used the brush and I pretended to be a happiness fairy.  I waved it over their heads and said I am sprinkling happiness dust on them and through lots of giggling the mood changed into a more relaxed and happy one.

All I can say is bring on the school holidays but believe me they can be just as challenging for children with autism.