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Who Will Listen?

Picture in your mind when you were working and all the stressful things that occurred whilst at work.  If you were not working imagine a situation that has been stressful to you.  Could you talk to someone and get some empathy?  Most likely.  Everyone knows how stressful work situations can be with tasks needing to be done yesterday, reviews, conflicts with other staff and that is seen as normal.  Plus you also get training etc to teach you about how to get these tasks done etc etc etc.

But how much training do you get about raising a child?  There are birth classes which only teach you about how to give birth. There are plenty of books out there but may not assist your situation.  You have a health professionals who can be great whilst others can be judgemental. You have nine months to prepare for a child but the percentage of that is materialistic preparation.  You prepare a nursery, bed etc but does that help prepare you?  No it does not.

Listening.2For a parent, the changes happen over night.  One minute you are still just partners entering into the world of parenthood.  Then all of a sudden there is a child in your arms with their own personality and needs.  Can you receive the training needed to work out everything you need to do like in work situations?  No you can’t.

But who are you doing to talk to about these changes.  People without children may be wishing that you stop complaining because you may have the family they still want.  You may turn to other people with children and they just tell you welcome to parenthood and get on with it.

In the title the key word is LISTEN. Listening is simply being present in the conversation, not thinking about what you have to do and simply listening to what the other person is saying.  Majority of the time the person is just wanting to get something off their chest and just needs to be listened to.  Try it next time someone wants to talk to you.