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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential OilLavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Lavender is widely used for it’s calming qualities, however for some people it may have the opposite affect. It can soothe occasional skin irritation. It may reduce the appearance of skin imperfection. Lavender may ease feelings of tension.

On an emotional level lavender can help people who have a dark fear of being seen and heard. Lavender supports individuals in releasing the tension and constriction that stems fear from expressing one’s self. Lavender encourages emotional honesty. Lavender can also help those who have a fear of rejection.

Always make sure that you apply the lavender with a carrier oil so that it reduces the chance of sensitization. If you already know that you react to lavender, I would avoid using it altogether. You can put a drop on your pillow or on your feet during your night time routine.

With some Epson salts you can put a couple of drops to your bath and have a wonderful soak. You can put it on the back of your neck but make sure it is mixed with a carrier oil.

In a glass bottle, you can mix a drop in water and freshen up your linen closet, care, or around the house.

You can put it in your cooking but I suggest putting a skewer in the bottle and mixing the skewer in the food.

Lavender is safe for young children but please make sure it is mixed in a 10ml roller bottle with a carrier oil before applying. For a young child all they need is one drop in a 10 ml roller bottle with the rest filled with a carrier oil. Never apply it neat.

My House Is Calm

I never thought my house would ever be calm!  There is no yelling!  There is no screaming from the girls!  It is just an amazing feeling.

I bet you think that it is not possible.  Neither would I if I read it.  I would think it was some kind of con just to get money.  But I truly promise you this is for real!

Did I put in a new routine?………………………………………..nope.

Do the girls have great therapy sessions?………………………………. well yes but that hasn’t stopped the screaming that occurs after school.

The major turn around has been using a wonderfully blend of absolutely pure, with no synthetics and toxins added, essential oil.  The grounding blend essential oil is made up of blue tansy, frankincense, ho wood and spruce all in one glass bottle.

This is what has calmed my house.  This has calmed the girls.  This has stopped me from yelling.

But why would you believe me?  All I can do is encourage you to try this essential oil.  I can understand that you may not want to spend a lot of money just to trial this oil.  So I am now producing sample bottles.  For people in Australia the cost for a sample is $10.00 which includes postage.  If you are overseas it will cost you a bit extra with the conversion.

If you want to get a sample email me at