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Reduce Night Terrors with Juniper Berry

Juniper berry.2Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis) assists those who fear the dark.  Instead of hiding from what they do not understand, it encourages individuals to learn the lesson and face their fear.  Juniper Berry acts as a catalyst by helping individuals access and address those fears and issues which have long been avoided.

Dreams contain night time communications.  Even nightmares can reveal unresolved fears and issues.  It offers courage and energetic protection in the night time.

Emotions that Juniper Berry can address are irrational fears, recurrent nightmares, restless sleep.  Other fantastic oils which can be blended together are black pepper, clary sage and vetiver.  You can also blend with bergamot, citrus oils, cypress, geranium, lavender and rosemary.


When Fear Gets Too Much

When fear gets too much a lot of the fears turn into irrational fears.  Currently, we have adult losers who are targeting a neighbour every night for the last 3 months.  I am really stuck on what kind of people would do this every night.  I am sure there is better things to be doing.

However this has taken an emotional toll on the girls, especially Emma.  Emma is now at the stage when fear gets too much.  Her fears have become quite irrational and her anxious feelings are through the roof.

Thank you LOSERS.

Nevertheless, we are desperately trying to help her through these emotions.  When fears gets too much it can really disable your life.

This week I am trying basil and a massage blend of essential oils in the diffusers to see if they can ease some of the fearful emotions.

When fear gets too muchBasil, primarily: overwhelm, fatigue, low energy and the inability to cope with life’s stressors.  Basil also helps to relax the mind.  This oil is also excellent for states for nervousness, anxious and sadness.







When fear gets too muchThis oil is a blend of essential oils.  This blend help calm, relax and releases physical tension.  This oil helps when feeling tense, stiffness in mind and body, stressed, unable to relax.








Vetiver Essential Oil

VetiverVetiver (Vetiveria Zizanioides) is one of my most used oils especially for Grace.  I have found when Grace is really unsettled and not coping, if I roll a special blend called the Peaceful Child Blend up her spine, it grounds her quickly and  she is able to cope better.

The distillation of vetiver is a painstaking, labour intensive activity.  The roots and rootlets have been used in India as a perfume since antiquity.  It has a heavy, smoky, earthy fragrance.

Vetiver oil assists in becoming more rooted in life.  Life can scatter one’s energy and cause one to feel split between different priorities, people and activities.  It centers individuals in themselves in self and to the root of their emotional issues.

Emotions that can be addressed are disconnected, scattered, stressed, need to escape.


Oils for Defensiveness

Single Oils for Roller Bottles and Make Your Own Blend.

You can choose single oils for the diffuser.

CardamomYlang Ylang (1)




















To Purchase Oils

Roller Bottles (10ml) When you purchase, I will ask the age of child/adult so that I can mix it safely with fractionated coconut oil.  Mixing the oils with a carrier oil enhances absorption and also reduces chance of sensitiveness.

Single oils:  $15.00 Aus dollars for any of the single oils.  This includes postage.

Blends:  $25.00 Aus dollars for any of the oils blended together.  This includes postage.

DIFFUSER (5ML) The cost of these oils are the same as above due to the fact that more oils are used in the bottles because I have not added any carrier oil.

Single Oils: $15.00 Aus dollars for any of the single oils.  This includes postage.

Blends:  $25.00 Aus Dollars for any of the oils blended together.  This includes postage.

If you would like more information or purchase some of the oils, please do not hesitate to contact me at

How do I use Essential Oils to Ease Anger?

Essential Oils and Anger
Numerous clients ask me how do I use essential oils to ease anger?  In this post I have discussed what are essential oils and how they are used in Aromatherapy.

For my family I am always looking at ways in which I can support us emotionally as we tend to get stuck in emotions.  When I had my first experience with essential oils through an AromaTouch, I was flabbergasted on how effective they immediately were.  I had tried essential oils in the past and had no success.  However from what I have learnt is that purity is a must to have the best success with essential oils.  My friend, who was giving me the AromaTouch, noticed that I relaxed quickly considering she also does Bowen Massage and I rarely lie still.  It was simply amazing.

Hubby has also gone through a temporary stage of depression and it was to the point where he rarely spoke to me.  My friend suggested that I put a drop of essential oils on a tissue and lie it next to his head whilst he slept.  So I tried it.  I felt so bad putting it near his head when he slept.  However, believe it or not, the next morning he was actually talking to me.  I couldn’t believe it and neither could he.  He said it helped him and he kept putting a grounding blend on himself daily.

For the girls, I have worked out which oils they respond to better.  I am always amazed that some oils Grace responds to really well whilst Emma doesn’t respond to them.  Some oils make Grace sleep walk whilst the same oils make Emma sleep really well.   Up to the age of 7, Grace never slept in her bed the entire night.  But they first thing we noticed when I introduced oils into our lives that with a blend of oils it improved Grace’s sleep so much that she actually woke up rested and ready to start the day.

Lately,  Emma has been really angry about everything and I have to admit I haven’t been using the oils as much.  I love putting the oils in the diffuser which I do regularly but haven’t been doing it as much as I used to.  But Emma needed help.  Her anger was happening so often it was draining her energy.  So I used the above blend in the diffuser and as well topically (please do not use any oil topically as a lot are not pure even though they say they are 100% pure) and over the last few days, the anger has gone.  She now asks me to put the oils on her because she knows they are helping her.

It can be hit and miss with essential oils at the start because everyone is different.  However, when you get the right combination you will never look back.

If you would like to purchase the above blend which is great for grounding and reinvigorating you, please send me an email at as I can make up the diffuser blend for you and I can make up a roller bottle and mail it to you.  If you need a diffuser you can purchase them through me as well.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy involves using concentrated essences of a plant to bring about change.
The word aromatherapy is somewhat misleading because it implies a patient gets better just because he/ she smells an essential oil. This is only half the story. Sniffing an oil will alter mood, and in some ways that is medicine. If you’re feeling tense and you relax, then this is most certainly therapeutic, but essential oils are capable of so much more.
They are made up of miniscule chemical molecules. It is believed each single drop of oil contains 40 million trillion molecules (that’s 19 zeros!) That equates to 40,000 molecules for every single cell in your human body. These tiny molecules give essential oils their aroma. There are so many of them, that when you open the lid, they literally explode from the bottle dispersing into a room and filling it with their fragrance. This evaporation quality is what we call volatility.
These molecules are small enough to squeeze through the pores of your skin and enter your blood stream through the capillaries in the base of the dermal layers. From there, they circulate around the body to work in an incomprehensible number of different ways.
The molecules are also able to enter the body via your nose. Here the oils encounter nerves that send messages to an extraordinary mechanism called the limbic system. This part of the brain controls memories, moods, emotions, recognition and even learning. Inside the head, the brain has many structures protecting it from injury and contamination. The obvious one is the skull, but there are many more including what is called the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). The BBB does exactly what it says on the tin, it protects the brain from any germs or bacteria circulating in the blood. Scientists now believe, rather than being like a wall, stopping everything going through, the barrier acts like a sieve or a filter, if you like. Very few things are able to pass this barrier. The molecules must be extremely tiny to permeate it.
Research shows that certain parts of essential oils are capable of passing through this barrier, opening up a new exciting arena for my friends in their lab coats. These magical oils come from a group called Terpenes.

I have been using essential oils as a tool with my family’s wellbeing and I am continually amazed on the benefits it has for us all.
Over the next few weeks you will read information about how to choose quality essential oils and how to use essential oils safely.  It is extremely important that you research essential oils before using them so that you are fully aware of their benefits.

Anxiety is Giving Me the Shits

anxietyToday, I have to admit that my anxiety is giving me the shits.  There is just so many external things happening at the moment and I am feeling extremely overwhelmed with it all.  The voices in my head hashing it all around just won’t shut up for a moment.

I am making sure that I am eating properly (if you take out that it was Emma’s birthday on the weekend and I probably ate too much sugar) and it is amazing how sugar can increase my anxiety.

I have been exercising but not as consistently as I would like.  However it is amazing how much even 30 minutes of exercise daily can improve your overall well being.

I tried to get some work done. I tried to read a book. I tried to listen to music which all helped but it didn’t last.  On my walk I concentrated on things I could see and my breathing which eased some of the tension.

However last night, I was thinking I might have to make an appointment to see a Doctor but I put cardamom essential oil and lemon essential oil in the diffuser and watch The Oscars.  I could not believe that the voices actually stopped.  I expected the voices to start up again today but guess what all is quiet.

I love having so many strategies to help with my head being full of chatter.

anxietyIf you would like to purchase this blend, I am now selling essential oils in 10ml bottles so that you can out them in a diffuser (not one with heat) and enjoy the quietness in your head.  I charge $25.00 for the 10ml bottles which includes postage.

If you would like to know more please email me at


A Good Nights Sleep For Everyone

Do you need a good nights sleep?  We all need a good nights sleep as much as possible.  Your days can be stressful, busy running to appointments, working and playing with your children.  If you are not getting a good nights sleep, it will have an effect on your physical well being and mental well being.

Emma is constantly getting up during the night that Steve and I were pretty much sleeping in different rooms.  This kind of arrangement can lead to relationship issues as partner’s may start to feel distant.  However ever since using this blend of magnesium oils and essential oils are giving Emma the best night sleep.  I have also been using it and I’m having the best sleep.  Steve and I are waking up in the same bed.  It is a win for everyone.

Good Nights sleepIf you would like to try this amazing blend, simply send me an email at


Why We Use Essential Oils

We have been using essential oils for about a year as part of my families well being and as I get more confident in using them for multiple purposes I know that we will never look back.

Essential oils are one of the great untapped resources of the world.  Here we have a system of natural help our bodies to function at a higher level than it is probably operating at.  These extremely complex precious liquids are extracted from very specific species of plant life and are in harmony with people and planet alike.  By taking essential oils into our lives we find a way to provide our family and home with the protection and pleasure they need without polluting ourselves or our environment with chemicals.

These days the household goods we use are mostly chemical-based, and the food we eat and the air we breathe contain more chemicals than we would like.  The cumulative effect of these, and the unknown effects as they react together within us, cannot be good for us, any more than chemical overload is good for the planet.  Sooner or later we are going to have to find some alternatives and, for some of our problems, the alternatives is literally right under our noses, drawing us to them with their sweet-smelling aroma – precious miracles and delights of creation, nature’s essential oils.

I am continually surprised how versatile the oils are and there are so many ways to use them.  As a family we have been using them to enhance our body function, improve our emotions, reduce our emotional overload and use them more and more in household tasks.

Someone once said to me what would people do if we couldn’t access medicine, hospitals, supermarkets due to a natural disaster?  I am always relieved that I have essential oils available if this ever was the case.


How to Strengthen Our Hair From Head Lice

Reports in the media in regards to head lice is that they are not responding (not the right way) to the countless products out on the market shelves.  I know I dread having head lice in the girls hair as they detest having their hair brushed as it is.  I have always been cautious about using products regularly on their hair due to all the toxins in these products.  Goodness my head is already itching just thinking about it.

Head lice are wingless flat insects which infest the hair, laying eggs and feeding on human blood from the scalp. They are between 2 and 4mm in length and the eggs, known as nits, attach to the hair near the scalp and hatch every seven to eight days.

So how do we strengthen our hair?

Although not scientifically proven to be effective against head lice, anecdotal reports suggest that essential oils do work, and they do not contain industrial chemicals and insecticides employed by some proprietary brands of head lice treatment. Lice are also known to show some resistance to the insecticide treatments, which is why parents of children with head lice are turning to natural alternatives.

Which Oils to Use

There are around half a dozen essential oils which strengthen our hair as head lice likes . These are, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus, tea tree, geranium, lavender, rosemary and thyme. The most effective are judged to be tea tree and eucalyptus.  I personally would also avoid using cinnamon leaf and rosemary on children.  I would also be very particular on brand of essential oil.  In Australia, to be labelled as pure, they only need to be 5% pure.  So what is the rest in the bottle.  You need to look for brands that are absolutely pure and know exactly what their testing procedures are.

According to Mama Herb, “Mix your shampoo with 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil and 1 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Apply this combination into the hair. Wear a tight-fitting shower cap. Wash off after an hour.” If the skin has been irritated by the bites, add 2 drops of chamomile to the mix to soothe the skin. The combination of tea tree and eucalyptus oil is thought to either suffocate the lice, or numb them sufficiently to make them easy to comb out.

To avoid overuse of the oils, occasionally substitute thyme for tea tree oil and lavender or geranium for eucalyptus. However, if there is a history of epilepsy, avoid using rosemary essential oil as it has been known to cause seizures.

Essential Oil Hair Strengthening Recipe

4 drops Meleleuca Alternifolia
4 drops Thyme
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Geranium

Mix these essential oils together and then combine with 1 cup (or so) of coconut oil. The coconut oil works to smother and stun the lice and helps to dissolve the ‘glue’ that lice use to attach the to the hair shaft about 1/4 inch from the scalp.

You can purchase coconut hair shampoo which I love from Coconut Revolution

I have also heard that it is important to leave the hair wrapped in glad wrap or a shower cap for a good hour.  I also have heard that a hair straightener also burns the eggs making it easier to comb them out.


Never apply any essential oils neat to a child’s head. If your child has sensitive skin, add one drop of tea tree, one drop of eucalyptus and one drop of chamomile to a golf ball sized dollop of conditioner and use after a normal shampoo, making sure to comb all the lice out afterward.

After Care

“The best way to prevent head lice spreading is to check your whole family’s heads regularly and treat them as soon as live lice are found,” notes Bupa, a healthcare company based in the U.K. Once the infestation has been dealt with, add one drop of tea tree to your usual shampoo once a week as a precaution.