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I Want To Make Everything Alright All The Time

Is this thought realistic or unrealistic?

Can we make everything alright all the time?

The answer is simply NO! When I think about the above statement the immediate picture, all I could think about was all the advertising about what being a perfect parent would look like.

There is no one that could possibly say they make things alright every time.  Being a parent is not about making things perfect all the time its all about learning about our own needs and our children’s own needs. That does not come instantly, it comes in time.

Plus there is so much that is external that we can not possibly control but all you can do is do your best.

One on one coaching could be extremely beneficial for those who really want to be the best parent that you want to be.  By focusing on you and your relationships with family memebers, you will be naturally learn to meet the needs of family members and meeting those needs will make the perfect family unit.