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Are You Feeling Deprived in Your Life?

I am reading an amazing book by Cheryl Richardson about Self Care and she brings to the readers attention about what are you feeling deprived in?

I have recently been asking mums that very question and that does tend to leave them stumped.  The usual mother guilt rears its ugly head about not saying anything bad whilst other mums do not want to answer that question at all.  But how you are going to reawaken you if you can not share what you feel deprived in?  One thing I better share here is that it is ok to answer this question with whatever you feel deprived in and there is absolutely no judgement from my end and it is all confidential.

What happens when you are faced with a challenging situation?  It is completely normal, especially when life gives you an unexpected challenge that we revert back to old coping strategies that kept us safe when we were kids.  When I ask mums what their coping strategies are in the face of challenging moments, the answers range from isolating from others, not asking for help, not reaching out for emotional help and hiding emotions.  I know that I am not any different.  Cheryl Richardson, also states that over-giving is often a sign of deprivation.  A behaviour of over-giving can be a sign that a need isn’t being met, an emotion isn’t being expressed, or a void isn’t getting filled.

To become aware of what you are feeling deprived of is a powerful tool to moving towards change.  I want you to answer the following questions. Take as long as you need to really think about what you are feeling deprived of:

  • Where do you feel deprived?
  • What do I need more of right now?
  • What do I need less of?
  • What do I want right now?
  • What am I yearning for?
  • Who or what is making me feel resentful for?
  • What am I starving for?

By answering this question, you have started reawakening you and working out what needs are currently needing to be met. If you have answered these questions and you want some guidance, please email me at as I am here for everyone who has read this article and want some further help.