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Do You Feel Overwhelmed, Exhausted?


Believe me we all do, even me.  I have learnt the hard way that we simply can not keep digging ourselves further into a whole.

This is not some new year resolution.  This is something you need to do everyday.

Leading up to Christmas I was working lots of hours, preparing for Christmas and helping Emma with her anxiety.  It has been tough.

However, I vowed over the days after Christmas I was actually going to physically stop.  It was not as easy as thought it would be.  During the few days, I read two books, played on the piano, rode on the scooter with the girls and enjoyed just spending some much needed quiet time.

I know that doing something for yourself everyday would be an easy thing to do for a few days and it is very easy to fall back into old habits.  Nevertheless, I am begging you to do something for yourself every day.

Our children need a well parent.  Our relationships need happy family members.  It will be you that is going to suffer.  By not doing something everyday, your immune system will suffer and you will be setting your body up for cancer to grow.  That is not a lie, it is scientifically proven.