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Can Children Set Their Own Goals?

Setting Goals for your childCan children set their own goals?  The answer is of course YES!

Parent’s around Australia would be receiving their child’s school reports. However, what surprised me was the comments parent’s were making in regards to areas that needed improvement.  I heard parent’s say “of course my child isn’t organised…….doesn’t the teacher know my child has Autism” and lots of other comments.


Do parent’s not see these areas for our children to grow?  If parent’s see them as negative are we giving our children the message that they can not grow?

When I spoke with my daughter’s Grade 1 teacher, she showed us a notice board full of posted notes.   The teacher helps each child to set their own goals to work on for the term.  One of the main goals that Emma recognised within herself is that she needed to put up her hand more.  Therefore, Emma had to not only overcome her anxiety but have self confidence within herself that she did have an answer.

How to set up goals with your child?

Each term we sit with the girls and talk about what they want to work on each term.  We do not make suggestions as we want them to come up with the ideas.  We find that the smaller the goal is the better.  By having it small, they can achieve it simply and lots of times.  Having your child feel a sense of achievement improves their success rate in life and improves their self esteem.

Goals are important for adults as well as children and you will be amazed on what children can come up with.  As parent’s we just need to guide them to make sure they are positive goals.