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Reading Books Improves Your Wellbeing.

Book readingDo you know that reading books improves your wellbeing?  In this months Wellbeing magazine there is an extremely interesting article on how a book can improve your wellbeing.

Bibliotherapy which is a blend of science of psychology and the art of literature is used by therapists in the UK prescribe books suffering from mild to moderate mental illness.


The Black Dog Institute of Australia also encourages clients to read books as it is:

  • a healthy distraction from the stresses of daily life
  • gives your body a chance to relax
  • help eases muscular tension and frazzled nerves
  • it can improve your mood
  • stimulate creativity
  • encourage empathy.

Examples of books on prescription are:

  • Changing Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman which I really recommend
  • Battling the Blues by Sue Tanner and Jill Ball

The slower you read the more chance you can really escape into the book’s world.  I know today when I was feeling down, I picked up A Book Thief and it picked up my mood.