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Someone Who Understands

Wouldn’t it be great to get help from someone who understands?  Someone who understands how hard it is to be a new mum, someone who understands about having postnatal depression and understand how challenging it is to have children with special needs.

If you said a resounding YES to this answer well your in luck here.  I know how hard it is in these three areas as because these are my areas that I have personally live through on a daily basis.  My girls definitely did not give us an easy time as babies, I have lived through postnatal depression and depression and am now enjoying life and I have two children with autism and severe sensory processing disorder.

It can be extremely frustrating to seek help by someone who truly does not understand what you are going through.  But I do and I want to help you.  My family have definitely gone through to the depths of “crap” but we have managed to get through it all.  We are not perfect but we can get through anything as a family.

I am here to help you and your family start a new family beginning and start thriving as a family.  There is nothing you could say to me that would shock me and I just want to help you.

How To Transform Your Family Relationships


Parenting is not an easy job and we are always looking for different ways to improve our relationship with each family member. I am not a “perfect” parent and I do not strive to be one as that is an unrealistic expectation.  Nevertheless I am going to keep striving to improve my relationships with each family member because as we already know by continuing to work on our relationships is the key to developing a long, strong family relationship.

I have been thinking quite a lot about my relationship with Grace and Emma and how I want to continually improve it.  I can not change everything in a blink of an eye but I can make changes step by step so that they remain part of my families life.

Recently I noticed that I have a habit of not stopping what I am doing when the children need a cuddle.  I am sure for all mums and dads there is always so much to do around the house etc and this is definitely something that happens in my own household.  Having this awareness has made me realise that stopping what I am doing when the girls ask for a cuddle would be the perfect task 1 for my transformation.


Task 1 for my family transformation is to stop whatever I am doing to give the girls a cuddle when they need one. 

What would be your first task to improve your family bond. Take time to really think about it because we want to build a strong family relationship that will be there even through the hard times.