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Parents Are Always Learning

Do mums and dads have all the answers in regards to parenting?  Hell No!  As a child care and special needs professional, constantly I am reminded that no matter how much information I know, my girls are always teaching me something new.

We hear a lot around mums groups that ‘things get easier’ but I always question do they?  I over heard a conversation between family members with one member stating all the facts about how having little ones are so much harder than ones who are older.  The other families were simply listening to the other family and their troubles.  I do not believe that it gets any easier as mums and dads face different issues and challenges.

We never have all the answers as mums and dads and we should always embrace the continual learning.  We should not feel any guilt that we do not have all the answers but feel kindness towards ourselves for not having the answers and seeking help to find those answers.

Mothers Guilt

There is an interesting article in Melbourne’s Child (June 2013) based on mothers guilt.  The author is saying that there is no room for mothers’ to feel guilty and I heartily agree.

Before a child is even conceived there is guilt put on the couple if conceiving has become a long journey.  Instant thoughts are what is wrong with me? We must be doing something wrong? Then of course there is the guilt of how you gave birth for instance cesarean, natural births with/without drugs.

After the baby is born women feel guilty if there isn’t that instant bond, they do not breastfeed, they don’t play enough with their child, if they immunise/not immunise their child.  The list is endless. We have so much information about what is right/wrong for your child, that parent’s are under so much pressure to get it right all the time.

But Michaela Fox hit the nail on the head with the this quote:

‘We need to stop accepting guilt as part of motherhood. Every mother has different skills and approaches to mothering; there is no single right way. We need to trust our instincts more and listen to others less.”

We know our child best!