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Change and What It Means To You

When you see the word CHANGE: what did you feel?

 Do you see change as something positive or something negative?

What emotions does it bring up for you?

Change is inevitable, yet we fear it.  People may tell you that ” you have changed” and you could be left wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  If you “change your mind” it can also be seen as a weakness.  Every single person always have the opportunity to change the paths we are on no matter how good or bad things in out life can be.

We make constant changes in our lives when having a hair cut, changing our diet, moving out of home, going to university, getting married, changing jobs…………………..the list is endless.

As a new mum and dad,  we prepared fully for the changes that a new life brings to us.  We dream about having children and we can envision what our family unit will look like. But when little one comes along are we ready to embrace the change this will bring?  A natural part of us will grieve the things we have lost for instance being able to do anything we want, going out etc etc etc.  But if we fear change already then it makes it even harder to adjust to the new changes.

With change bring uncertainty which is one of our 4 basic human needs (Tony Robbins).  If we fear uncertainty and prefer to only have certainty in our lives then the uncertainty that a child can bring into our lives will be a very daunting experience until routine and the budding developing of a realtionship between parent and child is built.

Life itself is chnage.  It you want to engage in life fully we need to find ways to create and cope with change on all levels of our lives. But if we feel that changing your mind is a weakness then how are we going to make the necessary changes to live life with vitality and healthy?

A roman philosopher called Seneca said “that what will surprise you in not that you must learn how to live but that you must learn to die”.  He is not talking about death when he said it.  He was talking about letting parts of us die.  Attitudes, prejudices and ways of thinking must be surrendered and by doing this we need to allow them to die.

The best example I can think of at the moment I am creating a healthier and happier life style.  I need to let die the unhealthy attitudes, eating so that I can fully embrace my new life of healthy eating and exercising.  If I break my attitudes towards this journey and fully embrace it, then the change in lifestyle will not be a struggle.

What are things you would like to change in your life?