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Our Secret Night Time Routine

Secret night time routineI want to share our secret night time routine that we have with the girls.  We have battled since day 1 with the girls sleep and we have always done what works for the girls.  At times it has been at the expense of our relationship but when you do not find an answer for 4 years, a lot of couples are left in the same situation.

We tried the control crying for a while but we always struggled with the concept that we are there when they need us during the day but not at night time.  Plus it hurt us more listening to them cry so it was definitely not one that we used for more than 2 months straight with no improvement. We tried bunking in for a while and it worked to some extent (minus the aches and pains of sleeping on a mattress. We have music going in their rooms even now that Grace is 7 years of age.

Nevertheless, our little secret night time routine we can not seem to break.  With melatonin the battle of getting the girls down to sleep has finished but Steve and I can not seem to make ourselves stop watching them whilst they sleep for a while.  We read them a book before bed and we kiss then to sleep and then we simply watch them whilst they sleep.  Steve also sees it as an opportunity to fall asleep as well. But to watch how peaceful and calm they are when they sleep it is simply amazing.

We both feel that just taking time to watch them sleep enhances to strengthen the relationship with the girls especially at an end of a bad day as it just brings back how much we love the girls.